After photographing many weddings over the past five years, I can attest it’s true: Opposites really do attract. We seek qualities in others we lack in ourselves. We’re attracted to characteristics in others which we aim to become. And we look for others whose strengths make up for our weaknesses. When this is found, it’s like magic!

I first met Yahfi & Saima while photographing his sister’s wedding in 2013. We didn’t interact much, but he did request one single portrait of him and then girlfriend, Saima. Immediately, I knew Yahfi knew exactly what he wanted. He chose the background where the photo was taken, he knew how to sit, he knew how to position his hands and feet and Saima…she just followed his lead. It was a piece of cake!.

Forward to three years later, Yahfi called, explained who he was and said “You photographed my sister’s wedding and I knew back then that I wanted to hire you!” I was honored!

I won’t go into too much detail about their differences, just know that Yahfi’s eyes light up whenever Saima walks into the room…every…single…time (I personally witnessed this firsthand). And know that during their portraits, when I asked Saima to list all the reasons why she loves Yahfi, she couldn’t choose one…she simply said “I don’t know…he’s just PERFECT!” The following are a few of my favorite images from their beautiful backyard Holud, their Mendhi and their Nikkah/Reception this past summer.

DJ: DJ South Asia
Makeup: Beauty By Tamanna
Mendhi: Zara Henna
Cinematography: Jas Motion View their trailer!