I first met Sultana at a family friends wedding about 4 years ago. Back then, it was her brazen honesty and knack for dark humor that drew me to her and so, we occasionally kept in touch via. the usual social media platforms. Ironically enough, Sultana was one of those people you’d never picture as the “marrying” type. That, combined with me, a hopeless romantic, made us the perfect duo!

This brings me to Shehryar, the absolute complete opposite of Sultana! Soft spoken and somewhat shy, Shehryar first saw Sultana at her then job at a restaurant in Houston. For months, Shehryar made this particular restaurant his regular lunch spot and for several months, he ordered the! After a while, and after becoming a regular face, Shehryar was playfully referred to as “The Lonely Fish Guy”. Every employee knew exactly what time he’d appear daily, exactly what he’d order and precisely where he would sit. There were the occasional (but not frequent) niceties between him and his waiter but never to Sultana..from her side of this story, he basically ignored her for months…you know, the usual shy guy stuff..haha! One day, somewhere, in the pits of his stomach and in the middle of his fish order, Shehryar gathered the gumption to finally say hello to that one person he had ignored for months. But, of course, he didn’t do that! Instead, he threw his cell phone at her and said “Put your number in there!”. She obliged…stunned, but obliged. Here are some of my favorite images from their beautiful 2-day Wedding celebration in Houston, Texas!
PS: Check out that double cut-crease!

MUA: Bon Padcha