NYC Indian Wedding Photographer

We were so lucky to be chosen as Sundeep & Rani’s NYC Indian Wedding Photographer.

Sundeep first laid eyes on Rani while perusing…aka. stalking, a mutual friend’s Facebook photos! I’m sure you know how the rest of this works…he sent a friend request…she thought it was weird but found him “kinda cute”, so figured ‘why not!?’ The rest is history and they both ended up contacting me while looking for a wedding photographer sometime last year. And to be 100% honest, (and at the risk of seeming a little Sundeep-like creepy myself), I totally touted Rani’s gorgeousness to friends after we first met!

The best part of this all, is that Rani was the kind of bride who wasn’t afraid of kicking her shoes to the side. She wasn’t afraid of messy hair during the last few photos of the night and she definitely wasn’t afraid to annihilate Sundeep on the dance floor…there’s even a series of images at the end to prove this! HA! Sundeep was nothing less than a champ! By the end of the night, his shirt was completely untucked and who knows where his tux jacket ended up!

Their wedding was: perfectly planned, emotional, absolutely beautiful, filled with some great dance moves and me…in tears…after seeing Rani’s mom doing the same during their Sagan. Here are a few of my favorite images from their events! It’s such a pleasure being their NYC Indian Wedding Photographer for such a special day.

DJ: Illusion DJ’s
Decor: Halas Wedding Center
Make Up: Flawless Beauty By Pauline
Video: Jas Motion – View their Trailer!