Grace was first introduced to me by my only older sister, Sharon. They had befriended each other as they were/are both members of the gorgeous church of Saint Mary The Virgin in Times Square (if you haven’t visited, you must..regardless of your religious beliefs!). She’s the kind of bride who takes after my own heart! Not afraid to get down on the dance floor, didn’t care for 4 inch heels on her wedding day, prefers comfort over style and TOTALLY did her own nails (in RED) while in her off-white wedding dress and only moments before her ceremony began! And by the way, all this was while attempting to overcome a seasonal cold and there’s a photo to prove it! Jason is kind, soft-spoken and humble and after their very long wedding day, he didn’t hesitate one bit when we wanted to walk around town for just a few more portraits. Both being avid divers and Jason, being a volunteer at a local aquarium, this perfect couple chose the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ as the venue for their reception. And their graceful (pun intended..HA!) wedding ceremony was held at the historic Saint Clement’s Church in Philadelphia. Here’s a look at some of my favorite images from their wedding day!

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