"Baby, is this everything you wanted?"

A little over a year ago, Nadiya and Ewan got married in Nadiya's parents backyard in North Babylon, Long Island.  Decorated with vibrantly colored fabrics and in the same backyard where Nadiya once played as a child, it was my absolute pleasure to be able to document this very special wedding.

Ewan, a true lover of music, arrived at his ceremony in non other than a speaker laden truck!  Both of Nadiya's parents played key roles in the wedding of their beloved daughter.  In fact, it was Nadiya's dad who called me to express just how much his daughter wanted to hire me as her wedding photographer.  He even went on to explain just how much he loves his daughter and that her happiness meant the world to him!  ...I was sold!

The Mendhi, Maticoor and Wedding Ceremony were all proudly held in that very same backyard and their four consecutive days of celebration ended with their reception at Chateau La Mer which, had been eyed by Nadiya as a child whenever she'd visit her mom at work. Back then, Nadiya was enamored with the teeming crowds of weekend wedding guests that would surround the gorgeous waterfront venue, so much that she proclaimed to her dad that she too, wished to host her wedding at this very same venue and almost twenty years later, her dad made that wish come true!

That last night, just before their guests arrived and as he held his new bride's hand as he led her into the ballroom where their reception was about to be held, Ewan looked into Nadiya's deep brown eyes and said:  "Baby, is this everything you wanted?"  Little did they know, I was quietly sneaking in a few images just behind them and so, I overheard his question.  There was so much genuine concern in Ewan's voice, as though all he cared for at that precise moment, was his wife's happiness.  And that a year later, I still remember what he said.

Take a look here at Nadiya & Ewan's remarkable wedding trailer!

Decor: Mehak Florals
Cinematographer: Jas Motion
Venue: Chateau La Mer
Tassa Band: Fusion Tassa Group
DJ: DJ Speede