Every so often, we meet people and end up wondering why we hadn’t met them years ago. These are the people we know in our hearts, are good for the world. They are good to others, they are kind to the environment, they are thoughtful, sincere and humble. These are the people we aim to emulate and hope our children will someday become! Aminta is this person and upon our very first meeting, I was immediately drawn to her. Her energy, her unbreakable love for our earth, her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, her overall nature and how she embodies the very essence of a great leader!

Rohan, is nothing short of a class A gentleman! He’s the kind of guy I’d like my own little sister to marry one day and this statement speaks volumes! (true story!). Together, Aminta & Rohan founded Sadhana, an organization which educates the importance of preserving our environment. And every month, they, (along with many volunteers) gather along the banks of The Jamaica Bay area to clean the shoreline of unwanted debris.

While their Wedding Reception was a night to remember, Aminta & Rohan’s traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony embodied the very sanctity of a marriage and it’s true meaning. They followed every rule according to vedic scriptures and I felt as though I was witnessing the marriage of royalty! This was all due to the love I ACTUALLY felt in the room! The priest spoke of Aminta’s humility and her dedication to her family. He spoke of Rohan’s honesty, his nobility and his overall extraordinary nature. I cried…and cried…and cried. My heart was filled to the brim at what I was witnessing. During Aminta’s “Thank You” speech to all her guests, she also thanked her vendors for making her wedding to Rohan, unforgettable. And it was during this time that she also mentioned forming strong friendships with some of them. She looked at me…no one else. And I had to consciously stop myself from crying (again)!. It’s true, one day Aminta Kilawan WILL become a great leader. Her name WILL be printed in our history books and she undoubtedly has my vote!

To Ramona Maharaj, I simply cannot thank you enough for introducing me to these two! Without you, this new found friendship would have never happened!

MUA: Heena Das Beauty
VENUE: Leonard’s of Great Neck / Jamaica Performing Arts Center
MENDHI: Henna For All
MANDAP: Elegant Floral Design
DRESS: Demetrios Bridal Salon