Hey there!

My name is Natasha, but you can call me Tashy!

During the younger (more formidable) part of my years, I studied the art of science. For over 15 years my life was filled with syringes, pneumatic tube systems, medications and IV calculations and after painstakingly and finally acquiring a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, I decided to chase this crazy dream of becoming a New York wedding photographer! It was one of the easiest/most difficult decisions I have ever made, but it felt great to finally toss that white lab coat and pill counter aside. With the help and loving support of those nearest to me, I did what felt right. Helping people celebrate their weddings through wedding photography!

Like everyone else, I love the pretty things. The jeweled bride, the flowered mandap, the 20-pound wedding gown and all that accompanies it. I hope you will choose me as your wedding photographer so I can capture all the details you have created.

In case you're wondering about the name "Nidji", it comes from my baby sister who couldn't pronounce the name "Nida Baji"

My Aim is to Do

everything I can to make your experience of working with me as your Indian wedding photographer as beautiful as possible

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been...

& people

We’ve Loved

I Actually Have a Degree IN

I’m Obsessed With

being near the ocean

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Nothing makes me happier than

My Favorite Person is

being in water...

Nelson Mandela

I’m Addicted to

I Started This Business


so you have....


swimming & hiking

Some stuff you need to know about me

Everyone in love deserves the opportunity to be able to look back with joy,

More importantly, I also love makeup ruined by happy tears, the bride who isn’t fazed by her unkept hair, the 8-year-old sister who is anointed maid-of honor and all the big things that are remembered for years to come. I’m not afraid to jump in the middle of the dance floor just to get that one shot and look for the unseen emotions that generally go unnoticed.

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