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I love building relationships with all of my clients. Here's a few words from some of them!



"NATASHA WAS AAAAMAZZING to work with!  Her dedication and passion for what she does was phenomenal.  For some of my portraits, she climbed a tree just to get that perfect angle!  She even got in a fountain of water JUST to capture the perfect shot!  I was amazed at how she works.  She was very concerned about mine and my fiancé needs and never showed us any frustration about a thing".




"Natasha and the team at Nidji Photography is awesome!  Essentially, what you'll receive is a professional service from an extremely talented and dedicated photographer, who is not only innovative, but is also unbelievably passionate about her career.  If you browse through Nidji's photographs, and you read the stories of how she captured certain shots, you'll get a better understanding of how great Natasha really is!  For our event, the moment she walked into our venue, she spotted a plain wall and knew that she wanted to create a very specific photograph.  In order to avoid interrupting us from enjoying our event, she stayed back, after the event had ended and past the time she was hired for, JUST to create those images she had invisioned (that's one of them pictures above)!  This is BEYOND dedication!

-Nick & Charlene



"Natasha is incredible!!  She has a way of making people feel calm and comfortable in the most stressful of situations.  She has an amazing eye and takes her time getting the perfect shot.  She was very detail-oriented prior to our date and it was very easy to reach her with any questions that popped up along the way.  If you want someone very professional who will tailor to your day to YOU, but also someone who will make you so comfortable, that you'll feel as though you've known her for years, you can't go wrong with her!  I HIGHLY recommend Natasha!" 


Hey, I'm Natasha!

New York City Based Female Wedding Photographer

I specialize in Indian wedding photography, capturing images for Punjabi Sikh, Gujarati Hindu and other South Asian ceremonies. I believe beautiful images can be captured anywhere, as long as a relationship is formed between the photographer and the client. I also believe that everyone in love deserves the opportunity to be able to look back with joy, the days when wrinkles were sparingly, bones weren't as fragile and the sanctity of marriage was yet to be discovered.

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